Instruction and video tutorial to explain how to crochet a heart baloon with amigurumi technique

What do you think about a pen decoration made with crochet?

Today I show you how to crochet a heart balloon as an application for pencil or pens made in different colors.

Pencil decorated with amigurumi heart - amigurumi heart balloon
Pencil decorated with amigurumi heart

Useful information before starting

  • Working time: 20 minutes
  • Skill Level: 🌸 easy

Start crocheting the heart from the top to the bottom in one piece.

The heart tip will be left open to insert the pencil or pen inside.

🧶Used yarn and accessories

  • 🧶 100% cotton in various color
  • Crochet hook 2 mm
  • sewing needle
  • scissor
  • stitch marker
Used materials and yarns - amigurumi heart balloon

📜Amigurumi heart pattern

📗Abbreviations and meaning

  • MR = magic ring
  • SC = single crochet
  • INC = increase (2 SC in the same stitch)
  • DEC = decrease ( SC 2 together)
1MR, 6 SC6
26 INC12
3 – 41 SC in each stitches around12 x 2
first half of the heart – amigurumi heart balloon

Cut the yarn do not fasten off. Keep apart and follow the pattern again to make a second one.

Mark with a stitch marker the last stitch of the round.

Work 1 SC in the next 4 stitches of the first circle. The 4th stitch join with one stitch of the second circle

video tutorial su YouTube

Make 1 DEC in the next 2 stitches.

Continue with 1 SC in the next 11 stitches of the first circle.

Make 1 DEC in the next 2 stitches, continue with 1 SC in the next 8 stitches.

Now you have joined the two circles and you can continue working in round following the pattern below:

1 SC in each stitches around24
DEC, 6 SC, DEC, 14 SC22
DEC, 5 SC, 2 DEC, 9 SC, DEC18
DEC, 4 SC, DEC, 10 SC16
DEC, 3 SC, DEC, 9 SC14
1 SC in each stitches around14
Start stuffing
7 DEC7
1 SC in each stitches around7
INC in each stitches around. Close with 1 SL ST in the next stitch.14

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🎬 Video tutorial how to crochet a heart balloon amigurumi

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💡 Idea for using the heart balloon amigurumi

This idea is versatile in its use, because you can use it to decorate not only pens and pencils:

You can use it to decorate greeting cards, ideal for Valentine’s Day!

Or you can pin it on a skewer toothpick and stick it into the soil of a plant in the pot.

💭In what other ways would you use this heart? Tell me in the comments, I’m curious to read you! 🤩

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