Read more to know how to crochet an amigurumi seahorse!

The Crochet marine subjects creations continue! The last time I made the little Maddy Jellyfish, today I show you how to make the seahorse named Hop.

I love kawaii style, so I made seahorse a bit fatter, as in real! I hope you find it cute as I find it!

Amigurumi seahorse | Crochet tutorial YouTube

Working time: 1 hour

Skill level: 🌸🌸🌸 intermediate

Used yarn and accessories

filato usato in cotone / used cotton yarn
  • 50 gr Tre Sfere FIOCCO 100% cotton yarn category FINE (2) in the following colors: light blue (cod.7510) and light green (cod. 7618)
  • Crochet hook: 3 mm
  • security eyes
  • sewing needle
  • stitch marker
  • stuffing

The final size of the seahorse is 11 cm tall, if you work with the suggested yarn!

amigurumi seahorse size 11 cm

Useful information before starting

Before starting an amigurumi seahorse project, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • the seahorse is worked from the bottom to the top of the head, in one piece;
  • start with the body and when you finish the last round, remember to fix the bigger and little fins, sew the mouth on the body;
  • fix the eyes between the 38th and 39th round, with a distance of 11 stitches each other;
  • embroider the cheek with the same yarn of the fins, using the long leaving tail;
  • stuff and finish the rounds, so you don’t have difficulty to get caught in the fiberfill.

📗 Abbreviations & meanings (US terms)

  • MR = magic ring
  • CH = chain
  • SC = single crochet
  • SLST = slip stitch
  • DC = double crochet
  • INC = Increase, 2 SC in the same stitch
  • DEC = Decrease, 2 SC together
  • PIC = picot (3 CHs and 1 SL ST in the 3rd CH from hook)
  • REP * = repeat from * to * until the end of the row

Body instruction

1MR, 6 SC6
2-161 SC in each stitches around6 x 15
176 INC12
181 SC in each stitches around12
19*1 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times18
20-211 SC in each stitches around18 x 2
22* 2 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times24
231 SC in each stitches around24
24*3 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times30
25-261 SC in each stitches around30 x 2
27*3 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times24
281 SC in each stitches around24
29*2 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times18
301 SC in each stitches around18
31*2 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times24
32* 3 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times30
33*4 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times36
345 SC, INC, 3 INC, *5 SC, INC*; REP * 4 times, 3 SC44
351 SC in each stitches around44
365 SC, DEC, 3 DEC, * 5 SC, DEC *; REP * 4 times, 3 SC36
37*4 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times30
38-391 SC in each stitches around30 x 2
40*3 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times24
41*2 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times18
42*1 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times12
436 DEC6
body – amigurumi seahorse pattern

Little and bigger fin instructions (make 2)

lateral fin - amigurumi seahorse
1MR, 6 SC. Make 1 SL ST in the next stitch.602:17
23 CH, 1 DC in the same CH point, 1 DC in the first stitch, INC of DC, 1 DC, 1 SC, INC of SC, 1 SC. Close with 1 SL ST and cut the yarn.903:22
fin – amigurumi seahorse pattern

To make the little ones, follow the 1st round and pull tightly to close the hole.

little fin - amigurumi sea horse

Cut the yarn and leave a long tail to sew the fins on the body and embroider the cheek under the eyes with the same yarn.

Mouth instructions

1Hook the thread on the front of the muzzle (see photo) and make a circle of 9 CH.908:59
21 CH, INC in each stitches around1810:28
where assembly the mouth on the body - amigurumi seahorse
where assembly the mouth on the body

If you do not like to crochet on the body, follow the pattern down here:

1Make 10 CHs, join in ring with 1 SL ST. Work 1 SC in each CHs.9
2INC in each stitch.18
Other way to make the mouth – amigurumi seahorse pattern

Crest instruction

1Hook the yarn on the top middle of the head and make 26 CHs, crocheting a vertical line along the back.2612:03
21 turning CH, *3 SC, 1 SL ST in the next 2 stitches* ; REP * 3 times, 3 SL ST, *(1 SC, 2 DC) in the same stitch, (2 DC, 1 SC) in the same stitch, 1 SL ST in the next 2 stitches*; REP * 3 times3 smaller
3 bigger
Crest – amigurumi seahorse pattern

Ricamo gote sotto gli occhi del cavalluccio marino amigurumi

With the same yarn of the fins, embroider the cheek under the eyes, making a horizontal line.


arrotolare la coda e fissarla per mantenere la forma del cavalluccio marino amigurumi

Wrap the tail to give shape and fix it with some sewing stitches.


Happy Pinky Time!

This amigurumi is completed! I hope you enjoy my tutorial and leave me a comment to give me your opinion!

I can’t wait to see your version of my AMIGURUMI! Feel free to tag me (@giuliapinkytime) in your photos on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #PINKYAMIGURUMITIME !

📌 If you find error in my English instructions, please write me here, I’ll be grateful for your help and collaboration!

firma giulia

Happy Pinky Time, stay curious, and see you in the next tutorial 😘

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By Giulia

My name is Giulia, I love dreaming and creating games for children. When I learned to crochet I rediscovered the "little girl" within me and now amigurumi have become my passion!

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