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Amigurumi small pumpkin


Tutorial to create two small amigurumi pumpkin .

In this tutorial I show you how to crochet pumpkin, using amigurumi technique, in two differents small sizes.

Useful informations before starting

Work in a spiral, without ever closing the circle.

🧶Required yarn and accessories

📜Amigurumi small pumpkin pattern

📗 Abbreviations and meaning

🌸 Pumpkin small size nr 1

pumpkin size 1,5 cm height and 2,5 width
1MR, 5 SC5
25 INC10
310 INC20
4-91 SC in each stitches around20 x 6 rounds
10*1 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times, 2 SC14
11*1 SC, DEC *; REP * 4 times, 2 SC10
125 DEC5
Amigurumi smaller pumpkin pattern

🌸 Pumpkin small size nr 2

Pumpkin size 1,5 cm height and 4 cm width
1MR, 5 SC5
25 INC 10
310 INC20
420 INC40
5-101 SC in each stitches around40 x 6 rounds
11*2 SC, DEC *; REP * 10 times30
12*1 SC, DEC *; REP * 10 times20
13*1 SC, DEC *; REP * 6 times, 2 SC14
14Stuffing and make 7 DEC7
Amigurumi small-medium pumpkin pattern

Close with 1 SL ST and do not cut the yarn.

Watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL and learn how to give form to your pumpkin.

Change yarn in brown color to work the pumpkin’s petiole.

1MR, 5 SC5
25 INC 10
Amigurumi pumpkin’s petiole pattern

Make 7 CHs and by the second chain from the hook work 6 SL ST.

Pass the thread through the middle of the circle worked before.

Close with 1 SL ST and DO NOT CUT the yarn. Use it to pass through the top-middle of the pumpkin and sew at its bottom forming an “X”.

Tip to change the size of the amigurumi pumpkin

Two pumpkins, two sizes

If you want to create a smaller pumpkin, work the first three rounds and then keep on working without increasing until you get the size you wish.

If you want to make your small pumpkin higher, work more rounds without increases.

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🎬Video tutorial how to crochet a small amigurumi pumpkin

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