How to crochet a CHRISTMAS STAR to decorate your gift in the last minute!

Only few days to Christmas, the last gifts are ready and now how do we decorate them?

I thought of a simple and quick star, made with a soft cord that keeps its shape.

paragrafo filati e accessori utilizzati
  • 🧶I used Swan Thai cord Tresfere
  • Crochet hook 3,5 mm
  • scissor
  • tapestry needle
Used crochet hook and yarn to make a christmas star ornament
Used crochet hook and yarn

📌Suggested yarns: if you like to have a sturdy and rigid Christmas star as a result, I recommend the Swan Thai cord or the Twister yarn by Tresfere, which can be purchased in the Lisa Davì Filati Romance.

📌Cotton, wool and acrylic are ideal for this star if you want a softer result.

Depending on the yarn you choose, you will need to adjust the size of the crochet hook.

⭐Crochet star pattern

crochet star | Giulia Pinky Time

Work in round to crochet the Christmas star.

1MR, 2 CHs (= 1st HDC) work inside the ring 9 HDC. Close the ring with 1 SL ST in the 2nd beginning CH.
21 CH, 1 SC and start to make the * POINT OF THE STAR: (1 DC, 1 TC, PIC of 3 CHs, 1 TC, 1 DC) in the same stitch, 1 SC in the next stitch. *
Crochet pattern of the Christmas star ornament – Giulia Pinky Time

Reapet from * to * 4 times to have 5 point of the star at the end of the round.

Close with 1 SL ST in the 1st SC.

To make a loop, work 20 CHs and close in ring with 1 SL ST, so you can hang the star on a Christmas Tree.

⭐Crochet a bicolor star

Crochet bicolor star | Giulia Pinky Time

If you want to crochet a Christmas star with two colors, make the first round with one color and the second round with another color yarn.

The details of the processing can be seen in the VIDEO TUTORIAL below.

The decoration is finished! Now make it your own and share your result with #PINKYCHRISTMASTIME! Do not forget to tag me with @giuliapinkytime, so that I can see your photo!

share your photo and tag me!

🎁 How to use the crochet Christmas star

You can use the star just worked as a:

  • ornament for Christmas tree,
  • decoration on a present made by you, like a neckwarmer
  • napkin holder, securing it with a cord knotted around the napkin and tucking the ends into the center of the star to make the bow.
Use the star to decorate a present made by you | Giulia Pinky Time
Use the star to decorate a present made by you

🎬Video tutorial how to make a Christmas star

Video tutorial how to make a Christmas star

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📌Save the crochet star to make it after!

Save the crochet christmas star ornament pattern on your Pinterest dashboard!
Save on your Pinterest dashboard!

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