How to crochet a candy cane to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas is coming in town! Now we have to decorate our Christmas tree and what do you think about this project?

Used yarn for this project

crochet candy cane - used yarn colora tresfere
  • 🧶 Colora yarn (40% wool and 60% acrylic) TRESFERE (50 gr / 140 m).
  • Crochet hook: 3 mm
  • tapestry needle

code color are: WHITE code 1501; RED code 1506; DARK GREEN code 1619 (use to make the bow)

You can use a different yarn, but the sizes could be different.

crochet candy cane size
candy cane’s size
crochet candy cane dimension with two different yarn

tutorial crochet candy cane

Crochet Christmas candy cane with bow

🕰️ Working time: 30 minutes | Skill level: 🌸🌸 easy

📗 Abbreviations & meanings (us terms)

Work in back and forth row forming a strip.

Make two strip one in white and one in red color.

Follow the pattern down here to create two spiral and make it together to form the candy cane.

Once make it, decorate it with a bow.

Crochet pattern candy cane

Use white and red yarn to work two spirals:

Make 50 chains. Work 2 SC in the 2nd chain from hook and in the next chains.

If you want a longer spiral you can add other chains reaching your prefered lenght.

crochet candy cane - spiral in two colors, white and red

The Single crochet number’s can change in 2 or 3 in each chains. If you use 3 SC in each chains the spiral will be turned on itself more then with 2 SC.

Leave a long tail before cutting the yarn when you finish the two spiral.

Fix the top part of the two spiral and twist them together, to create the stripe effects.

Fix the final part to fasten off.

crochet candy cane - join the spiral together

Recreate the curvature on the top using one of the two threads (white or red) and starting from the tip, go through the middle of the spiral until you reach the point where you want the curvature to occur.

Make a knot inside the spiral by pulling slightly, in order to block the fold of the tip.

Pass through the middle of the spiral to reach the bottom of it and cut the yarn.

🎀 Crochet pattern bow

Follow the graphic to make the bow

crochet candy cane - Bow graphic
Bow graphic

Use red yarn or the preferred color to make the bow.

17 CHs, 1 SC in the 2nd CH from hook and in the next 5. 1 Turning CH6
21 SC in each stitches of the row. 1 Turning CH6
3DEC, 2 SC, DEC. 1 Turning CH4
41 SC in each stitches of the row. 1 Turning CH4
52 DEC. 1 Turning CH2
61 SC in each stitches of the row. 1 Turning CH2
71 DEC. 1 Turning CH1
81 SC. 1 Turning CH1
9INC. 1 Turning CH2
101 SC in each stitches of the row. 1 Turning CH2
112 INC. 1 Turning CH4
121 SC in each stitches of the row. 1 Turning CH4
13INC, 2 SC, INC. 1 Turning CH6
14-151 SC in each stitches of the row. 1 Turning CH6×2
Crochet pattern to make Christmas bow

Repeat from 2nd to 14th row.

Work 1 SC in each stitches around and in the corner work 2 SC, then fold up the bow and SC together (watch the video)  (6 SC to unit the parts)

To cover the center of the bow, make 3 CH and work 1 SC in the 2nd CH from the hook and in the next one. 1 Turning CH and work 10 rows of single crochet.

Fix the bow on the spiral.

crochet candy cane with a simple bow

🎀 Crochet pattern bow with two tail

To make a bow with two tail, follow the pattern down here.

13 CHs, 1 SC in the 2nd CH from hook and in the next 1. Turning CH2
2-101 SC in each stitches of the row. Turning CH2×9
112 INC. Turning CH4
12-161 SC in each stitches of the row. Turning CH4×5
17INC, 2 SC, INC. Turning CH6
183 DEC, 8 SC on the side of the work and make 10 CHs to start the second tail.
Crochet pattern bow with two tail
make 10 CHs
Make 10 CHs
191 SC in the 2nd CH from hook and in the next 9 CHs, 1 SL ST in the next stitch. Turning CH
20-211 SC in the next 9 stitches. Turning CH
224 SC, 2 HDC, 3 DC. Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a long tail.
Continue crochet pattern bow with two tail.
Two tail

Pass the thread in the middle, put the made bow on the vertical strip, see the photo 👇

Bow on the strip

Pass the strip in the middle of the bow and sew with some stitches, see the photo 👇

Pass the thread from front in back of the work and fix it on the candy cane.

🎬 Video tutorial How to crochet candy canes

Video tutorial su come fare i bastoncini di zucchero con fiocco all’uncinetto

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The Christmas crochet project is finished!

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