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Crochet ghost πŸ‘»Pinky Halloween Time


Descriptive crochet pattern to make a hanging ghost.

To celebrate Halloween you need to create the atmosphere and I thought of making some nice ghosts to hang at home.

Crochet hook in hand and let’s get started πŸ‘»

Video tutorial how to crochet a hanging ghost

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  • 20 gr cotton yarn in white color
  • some black cotton yarn
  • crochet hook 2 mm
  • tapestry needle
  • scissor
  • stitch marker

πŸ‘» Crochet pattern ghost (US terms)

1MR, 6 SC6
26 INC12
3*1 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times18
41 SC, INC *2 SC, INC*; REP * 5 times, 1 SC24
5-111 SC in each stitches around24
for 7 round
12* 3 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times30
131 SC in each stitches around30
142 SC, INC * 4 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 2 SC36
151 SC in each stitches around36
16* 5 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times42
171 SC in each stitches around42
181 SC *(1 HDC, 1 DC) in next stitch, ( 1 DC, 1 HDC) in next stitch, skip 1, 1 SC, skip 1 *; REP * 8 times. Work 1 SC, 1 SL ST in the last stitch. 8
Crochet pattern ghost – Giulia Pinky Time

pointed fans

To crochet a pointed fans make a picot (3 CHs and SL ST in the 3rd CH from hook) on the first double crochet. WATCH THE VIDEO

How to embroider ghost face

circle eyes and smily mouth

Work a magic ring with 6 single crochet inside.

Make 2 circles and then fix both on the ghost.

Watch the video to see how to embroider a sad mouth. Carry out the same procedure but turning it in the opposite direction WATCH

circle eyes and open mouth

Work a magic ring with 6 single crochet inside.

Make 3 circles and then fix two above and one under in the middle of the eyes.

πŸ“Œ If you find error in my english instructions, please write me here, I’ll be grateful for your help and collaboration!

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