How to crochet a wrapping ribbon to decorate your Christmas gift.

Crochet pattern and video tutorial to make a Christmas decoration

Work in back and forth row forming a strip with half double crochet.

The bow will be make after and sew with some stitches on the strip.

🎀 Crochet pattern to make a bow

paragrafo filati e accessori utilizzati
  • 🧶 Swan Thai TRESFERE gold (cod. SW1-036)
  • Crochet hook: 3 mm
  • Scissor
  • Tapestry needle
photo Swan Thai gold cord.
Gold Swan Thai cord

You can use a different yarn, but choose one glitters to give a sparkling touch to the ribbon.

The size depend on your package. Make a chain that cover a part of it and then work the half double crochet inside the chain.

👉📗 Library stitches (US terms)👈

To make the bow I follow the pattern in the post of how to crochet candy canes, but I work the bow starting from the middle and not from the side !

Follow the graphic down here and if you find difficulty, you can read the table where I explained all the steps.

Graphic to crochet a bow

Work 1 CH at the beginning of each row and do not count as a first stitch. Turn the work at the end of each row.

1Make 2 CHs and work 2 SC in the second CH from hook2
22 INC4
31 SC in each stitches4
4INC, 2 SC, INC6
5-71 SC in each stitches6×3
8DEC, 2 SC, DEC4
91 SC in each stitches4
102 DEC2
111 SC in each stitches2
141 SC in each stitches2
Crochet pattern to make a bow ribbon

Repeat from 2nd to 12th row to make the other half of the bow.

Join the end with 1 SL ST and work 1 SC all around the bow.

Fasten off and cut the yarn leaving a long tail.

🎁Instruction to make a crochet gift wrapping

crochet gift wrapping ribbow

Now that the bow is ready, let’s make a band of a number of chains needed to wrap one side of the gift box.

Work 1 HALF DOUBLE CROCHET in each CHAINs starting in the 3rd CH from hook.

Attach the bow to the tie and hold the end of the thread long that you will use to make several loops in the center of the bow and then secure it with two hidden knots. (watch the video tutorial)

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♻ Recycle Idea!

Once you have used all the wrapping paper to make your gift packages, keep the final cardboard of each roll aside, it will come in handy to make the labels to match each gift with the name of the recipient!

In the video I show you how I made the label for my daughter “NICOLE”, with the “O” transformed into a cute snowman and the dot of the “i” like a snowball!

Make a hole, as shown in the photo and insert a piece of gold string.

how to make a tag name recycling wrapping paper

Write your tags using your imagination and if you like, you can write a nice Christmas thought inside.


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