A quick DIY Christmas gift for your loved ones: a jar for Christmas cookies.

Now here we are, Christmas is coming and my girls and I have decided to make a special and inexpensive gift.

We decide of making cookies with various shapes that recall Christmas, we’ll make a package by recycling a jar of coffee and then we’ll need some Christmas-themed wrapping paper.

The lid of the jar will be crocheted, with a star applied.

Recipe for Christmas cookies without butter.

We found a quick and easy recipe for making butter-free Christmas cookies.

The ingredients are:

  • 270 gr flour
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 2 eggs (of only one the yolk)
  • 4 gr baking powder for cakes
  • 80 gr seed oil
  • zest of half an untreated lemon
  • a pinch of salt.

The recipe is from Giallo Zafferano website and I invite you to try it!

The result is excellent, considering that I really like recipes where you have to put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix!

It is also very fast… once you have made the pastry ball without butter, you can immediately start rolling it out and making cookies with the molds.

My girls had a great time and in 15 minutes (in the static oven at 170°) the cookies were ready!

We melted a dark chocolate bar in a double boiler and decorated the cookies.

Christmas cookies without butter made at home | Giulia Pinky Time

Gift wrapping by recycling a coffee jar.

Let’s move on to the packaging of our Christmas cookies and to do so you just need to use a finished jar of coffee and Christmas-themed gift paper.

I have already done a tutorial explaining how to do it and I invite you to watch the video tutorial of the Christmas jar with crochet bow

Watch how to cover the jar with paper, then follow the tutorial below to make the plastic lid cover.

Tutorial how to make the star crochet lid.

Choose a yarn of the color that suits the type of gift wrapping paper you have chosen to wrap the jar.

I suggest glitter yarns, which embellish the result.

On the market there are really many yarns of this type, in various traditional color of Christmas: red, green, gold and silver.

Once you have chosen the right yarn and crochet hook, make a circle that completely covers the circumference of the lid.

I made 11 rounds of increases, starting from a magic ring with 6 single crochet inside it and reaching a total of 66 stitches on the 11th round.

👉📗 Library stitches (US terms)👈

Work in continous round, without closing with slip stitch and do not starting with chain.

Use a stitch marker to sign the last stitch of each round and follow the table below to form a perfect circle.

1MR, 6 SC6
2INC in each stitches around12
3* 1 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times18
41 SC, INC* 2 SC, INC*; REP * 5 times, 1 SC24
5*3 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times30
62 SC, INC *4 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 2 SC36
7*5 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times42
83 SC, INC *6 SC, INC*; REP * 5 times, 3 SC48
9*7 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times54
104 SC, INC *8 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 4 SC60
11*9 SC, INC *; REP * 6 times66
121 BACK POST SC in each stitches around66
13-141 SC in each stitches around66 x 2
Crochet pattern cover jar lid – Giulia Pinky Time

Close with 1 SL ST in the next stitch. Cut the yarn and leave a long tail.

risultato bordo del coperchio lavorato all'uncinetto | Giulia Pinky Time

Working back post SC allows you to fold the fabric and form an edge that goes to perfectly cover the lid.

Final decoration and finishing.

To make the star I invite you to look in the article that I have already published and just CLICK HERE to see how to do it.

Sew star in the center of the circle and decorate with a white pearl (or any other color bead) in the middle of the Christmas star.

Fix the applications with some stitch point and then wrap the plastic lid with the circle you just finished.

With the end of the thread left long, make some passages between one stitch and the other of the last round, pulling slightly, so as to tighten the stitches and lock the plastic cover inside it.

Make a name tag and your gift is ready!

Now that you know how to do it, I just have to wish you …


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