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Tutorial DIY Christmas gift with decorative paper and crochet bow

DIY Christmas gift with crochet bow. Don’t throw away the coffee cans that I show you how to recycle it into original Christmas gifts with decorative paper and crochet bow.

Take a coffee can, decorative Christmas paper, yarn and a crochet hook to transform it in an original gift box!🤩

To start with, you need to get an empty cylindrical jar and some decorative Christmas paper.

I used CRELANDO DECORATIVE PAPER that I bought to LIDL shop.

choose a Christmas decorative paper

take the height measurement of the jar
Draw a vertical line
Cut the sheet following the drawn line
Wrap the paper around the jar with double-sided tape

Used yarn – diy christmas gift with crochet bow

Use a glitter yarn to give a touch of sparkle and elegance.

Now that the jar is decorated, let’s move on to cover the lid, previously left aside.

crochet bow to decorate a can lid

🕰️ Working time: 30 minutes | Skill level: 🌸🌸 easy

📗 Abbreviations & meanings (US terms)

Tutorial crochet bow

Start to unwind a circle that reaches the size of the lid and then make the bow, to be fixed on the circle.

1MR, 6 SC6
2INC in each stitches around12
3* 1 SC, INC *; REP * all around18
41 SC, INC, * 2 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 1 SC24
5*3 SC, INC *; REP * all around30
62 SC, INC, * 4 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 2 SC36
7* 5 SC, INC *; REP * all around42
83 SC, INC, * 6 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 3 SC48
9*7 SC, INC *; REP * all around54
104 SC, INC * 8 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 4 SC60
11* 9 SC, INC *; REP * all around66
125 SC, INC * 10 SC, INC *; REP * 5 times, 5 SC 72

📌 the measure is based on working with MONDIAL ORO yarn, so it may change if you use another type of yarn

Fix the crocheted cover with bow on the lid, using double-sided tape or hot glue.


Work 40 chains + 1 turning chain.

Follow the table down here to know what stitch point you have to work in each chain.

11 SC in the 2nd CH from hook and in the next 2.
21 HDC in the next 2 CHs
31 DC in the next 2 CHs
41 TRC in the next 5 CHs
51 DC in the next 3 CHs
61 HDC in the next 3 CHs
71 SC in the next 4 CHs
81 HDC in the next 3 CHs
91 DC in the next 3 CHs
101 TRC in the next 5 CHs
111 DC in the next 2 CHs
121 HDC in the next 2 CHs
131 SC in the next 2 CHs.
Work 3 SC in the last CH to continue in the opposite side of the foundation chain and follow the pattern from 13 to 1.
Bow Graphic explanation

Once you have done all the stitches indicated in the table above, you will have the same crochet stitches on both sides of the chain.

Join the two ends together at the center point (where the 4 single crochets were worked) and secure them with stitches using the needle.

Now make another bow, repeating the pattern from the beginning.

Overlap the two bows by placing the central part on top of each other, and then secure them with points.

The result you will need to get is like the photo below


Use the red glittered ORO Mondial yarn to make the center of the bow.

1MR, 6 SC6
2INC in each stitches around12
31 SC, * PIC, 2 SC *; REP * all around
Flower graphic

Now that we have made the bow, we can fix it on the circle we did at the beginning and then glue everything on the lid of the jar, left aside.

Fill it with chocolates or small joys made by you, such as earrings or small amigurumi

🎬 Video tutorial tin can decorate with Christmas paper and crochet bow

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The Christmas crochet project is finished!

Now make it too and share your photo on Instagram with using #PINKYCHRISTMASTIME! Do not forget to mention me with @giuliapinkytime, so I can reach your photo and see your final work!

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