It’s now ready for the amigurumi pattern to make an easy doll, even for beginners! The name is Rainbow doll Angela, and is an amigurumi angel.

Amigurumi story – Who’s Rainbow doll Angela?

The little Angela doll with wings is born, she’s flying among the clouds, sharing an important message.

After every storm comes the rainbow!
Be patient and cultivate the smile!

Giulia Pinky Time

During the creation of this little doll, I was experiencing a period of discouragement from situations that I couldn’t control and which were knocking down my self-esteem and positivity.

I needed to get away from thinking about the problem and find something nice to do, which brought me back calm and optimism.

I put music in my ears and started working with crochet and thread, letting my imagination carry me away: I develop the head, I concentrated on the facial expression.

I wanted to make a smiling face, which would rub off on me.

As the doll was born, patience and concentration on something beautiful brought me back the serenity and calm I was looking for.

That’s why, once it was finished, I thought I’d share this message with you!

Maybe you too are experiencing obstacles on your path

I would like to share this tutorial to help you distract yourself for a moment from your negative thoughts and, perhaps, help you look at things from another perspective, or at least cheer you up.

Positive visualizations help to face the obstacles that arise in life.

Being able to make a sweet doll with your own hands to give as a gift was a goal and a desire for me.

This stimulated me to look for the strength within myself to find calm and cultivate a smile.

Make it too and send me the photo to, writing me a thought on what you think of amigurumi-therapy, to ward off negative thoughts!

The PDF pattern is available in Italian and English

Crochet pattern details

The pattern is not very complex, you start by working on the head and body, then you go on to sew the details, which are the arms and wings.

The method used to make hair is the attachment of threads directly to the head, to be fixed one by one with a lot of patience.

I created a pattern composed of tutorial photos and QR codes to reach the complete video tutorial of the doll (is in Italian), but you can activate the English subtitle or ask me directly help through my e-mail address).

Do you prefer to follow written instructions or a video tutorial?

I tried to include both the written instructions with photos and the video tutorial in the pattern, to be as clear as possible, and I hope I succeeded in my aim; only you can say this, if you purchase the pattern.

The amigurumi pattern is in color PDF format and consists of 18 pages, available on Ravelry or on my KOFI SHOP

The video tutorial explains:

  • how to embroider the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • how to make a base for the doll so that it stays upright
  • assembly of parts
  • how to do hair

Yarns and accessories chosen to make the Angela amigurumi doll

Angela was made with Rainbow Cotton Hobbii yarns, which inspired me for the name.

Filati Rainbow cotton 8/4 Hobbii color pack verde menta, azzurro, rosa, bianco e giallo. I colori usati per la mia bambolina amigurumi Rainbow Doll Angela

The pattern is also adaptable for other types of yarns of any thickness. Bear in mind that, based on the choice you make, the measurements may change, whilst still maintaining the same proportions.

If you choose the indicated yarns, the amigurumi doll will measure 9 cm tall.

misura bambolina amigurumi Rainbow Doll Angela

Useful information

Skill level: easy for beginner

What you need to know to make amigurumi doll:

  • crossed single crochet;
  • increase;
  • invisible decrease;
  • spiral working;
  • color change when working in the round;
  • work in back loop.

If you need to brush up on the basics, don’t worry; you can follow my DOLL GUIDE PAGE.

By Giulia

My name is Giulia, I love dreaming and creating games for children. When I learned to crochet I rediscovered the "little girl" within me and now amigurumi have become my passion!

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