“Giulia, can you help me in a search of giraffe amigurumi pattern?”

Of course yes! Read more to see the pattern of different giraffe in different’s sizes found on the web!

Hi! In this post, I want to share with you the research I did on the web for an amigurumi giraffe!

Write me in the comments what you think of this research, and if you have already tried some or all of the proposed patterns.

Amigurumi Giraffe on YouTube

Video tutorial by “Creiamo? Annalisa“! In Italian language, but with English subtitle

Link Italian video tutorial 👉 GIRAFFE

English video tutorial 👉 GIRAFFE

Spanish video tutorial 👉 GIRAFINHA AMIGURUMI di Andreia Okanha

Amigurumi giraffe pattern on Etsy

Giraffe pattern of One and two company

Link PDF pattern 👉 GIRAFFE

Giraffe version of Little Green Bear Shop

Link PDF pattern 👉 GIRAFFE

Giraffe version of Kim Friis

Link PDF pattern 👉 GIRAFFA

Two giraffe version of Toys By Elif.

Link PDF pattern 👉 GIRAFFE

Big giraffe, version of Moomigurumi.

Link PDF pattern 👉 GIRAFFA

Big giraffe, of Sevcanın Örgü Modelleri.


PDF amigurumi patterns free of giraffe

From “Amigurumi Today” site, you can find the following free pattern:

This is all I’ve found on the web, so far!

If you want to suggest other giraffe amigurumi tutorial, write here in the comments!

I hope you found it useful and that you enjoyed this post and if you need more research, now you know you can count on me!

Stay curious and see you soon!

Ciao e a presto! Giulia Pinky Time
Il mio nome è Giulia e sono la proprietaria del sito "Giulia Pinky Time"

I’m launching a new section here at “Pinky Time”! I’m opening a space dedicated to the requests for amigurumi searches that you can ask me from my Facebook Group “GIULIA’S CROCHET & AMIGURUMI TUTORIAL” or from my contact page → HERE !

I like sharing and giving a hand to my crochet friends and when they ask me for amigurumi, I would like to be ready with my tutorial to help them, unfortunately, my times don’t allow me to quickly create video tutorials to answer them.

So I thought to recreate this space on my site where I could post video tutorials and links from other creatives who already have what they’re looking for and then, as soon as I can, I’ll also make a video tutorial on the requested amigurumi!

By Giulia

My name is Giulia, I love dreaming and creating games for children. When I learned to crochet I rediscovered the "little girl" within me and now amigurumi have become my passion!

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