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How to translate crochet amigurumi pattern to English? If you need help, I’m here to give you some suggest translating your crochet pattern from Spanish to English, or from other foreign languages.

Hi, my crochet friend, 😊

Do you need help to translate amigurumi pattern to English? I’m here to help you!

To be able to translate crochet terms, I used Google Translator and a dictionary, because it is known that the translation made only by Google translator is not perfect, even if I must say that in recent years it has improved a lot!

Over time, I learned the abbreviations and crochet terms translated into different languages ​​and I decide to share with you, my crochet friend!

This is a laborious post, hoping it will be useful for you!

How a crochet pattern is written

Almost every outline you find has a common structure, and I’ll list the classic paragraph layout below:

  • Material descriptions
  • Skill level
  • Final amigurumi’s size
  • Useful information before starting
  • Abbreviations and meanings of crochet stitches used to work the amigurumi
  • Instructions step by step to work the amigurumi.

I want to help you to understand the basic concept in an entire crochet pattern and to translate on your own without knowing foreign languages.

Now, take your pattern to translate and let’s go!

Translate crochet amigurumi pattern

Where to find foreign amigurumi patterns to inspire and translate

On the web you’ll find so many amigurumi and doll’s pattern in foreign language, the majority are in English, French and Spanish.

Here below, I do a list of my favorites that give me inspiration in my amigurumi and give me all the terms to help you with the translation.

English amigurumi’s website

Spanish amigurumi website

Turkish amigurumi website

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If you have noticed some imperfections, or you know very well one, some or all of the foreign languages ​​listed, it will be a pleasure to have your input. Get in touch with me by clicking HERE and I will mention your participation in the article!

So, crochet friend, how do you like this page? Did it answer some of your questions? Was it as useful as I hope? Tell me your experience in the comments and if you have suggestions and advice I’m careful to read them!

If you need a complete translation made by me, YOU CAN WRITE ME AT! It will be a pleasure to help you!

Always at your disposal!😘

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Updated 05.30.2023

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