I share with you the english translation of the turkish terms used to describe the materials, accessories and yarn, find in the amigurumi pattern.

Today I started a translation of a turkish amigurumi pattern in italian language, but I like so much be helpful to all my crochet friend, so I share the translation in english to!

In this post I write the translation of typical terms you can find on the top of the amigurumi pattern description: the used materials from turkish to english.

Before starting the translation, I want to know you, that I write a post with all stitches point translate in different languages and you can find it 👉 HERE.

Translation of accessories

  • Malzemeler


  • İplik


  • tığ işi

Crochet hook

  • Toplu iğne


  • Evvel


  • Dikiş iğnesi

Embroidery needle

  • yünden iğne

Wool needle

  • makas


  • elyaf dolgu,doldurmak


  • doldurma için sentetik pamuk

Synthetic padding

  • dikiş işaretçisi


  • boncuklar


  • guvenli gozler

Security eyes (plastic amigurumi eyes)

  • Zamk


Translation of accessories from turkish to english: Kind of yarn

  • pamuk


  • yün


  • akrilik


  • şönil iplik

Chenille yarn

I hope you find this post useful and to let me know you just need to write below in the “comments” section, I will be very happy to read you!

If you have more details to add or other typical phrases you know, don’t hesitate to write it to me!

Enjoy and see you soon!

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By Giulia

My name is Giulia, I love dreaming and creating games for children. When I learned to crochet I rediscovered the "little girl" within me and now amigurumi have become my passion!

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