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Check out my video tutorials for making amigurumi and other crochet items!

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Hi, I’m Giulia

Play and creativity are important in child and adult life! They allow us to look for new ways and new reality interpretation!

Giulia Mollica

Welcome to Pinky Time homepage

PINKY TIME it’s the time you have to take to get in touch with yourself!! I do it through crochet and amigurumi and here I show you how to do it!

WELCOME in my “virtual home”! It’s a pleasure have you here! My name is Giulia!

Meet the place where you can find crochet items like dolls, amigurumi and accessories for kids

I love share my crochet projects with written explanation, photos and video tutorials, to give everyone the opportunity to make my ideas, even for beginners.

My first encounter with crochet was born from the need to find myself and overcome the difficulties I have find during my life.

Learning about social media and opening my YouTube channel, as well as my Facebook group, I met many people, each with their own story and beautiful friendships were born!

Creativity unites and brings us the well-being that we all need, to get in touch with ourselves and better face life!

Giulia Mollica

Search for crochet and amigurumi patterns

Click on the pinky bottom to reach crochet and amigurumi patterns collected in this webside!

In each posts you can see the skill of difficulty and you can choose to follow the written pattern or a video.

When you made your choice, at the end of the work, remember to leave a comment to tell me how you found yourself with the pattern and above all the sensations and emotions you felt during the projects!

I would like to get in touch with you to feel your experiences and if it also gives you benefits as much as it gives me!

If you are looking for a particular amygurumi to do, you can write in the field below for to see if I have already recreated something. If the answer doesn’t give any pattern, get in touch with me, so I realize it!

Amigurumi and crochet video tutorial

Each descriptive pattern presented on the site is accompanied by a video tutorial, to be able to make the tutorial as clear as possible and give you the opportunity to complete every single creation without doubts and perplexities.

SIGN UP and CLICK the NOTIFICATION BELL to 🔔 receive a message when I share a new video!

SHARE THE VIDEOS YOU LIKE with your crochet friends and LEAVE ME A COMMENT just to greet me and let me know that you have come to see me!

Every single time you go to my channel and see my video, will compensate for my work of writing new patterns on the site and developing new video tutorials!

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Translation of amigurumi and crochet pattern

Do you have difficulty translating an amigurumi pattern because it is in a foreign language and you do not know where to start?

Here you will find useful tips to make the translation in other languages such as Russian, Turkish, French, Italian, Spanish etc.

If that’s not enough for you, you can ask for my advice! Write me HERE

I let you navigate through the pages of my site! Prepare a good herbal tea, listen to your favorite music and crochet with me to load you with positive energy!

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